Electricity interconnections
Last updated on 20. February 2014
Electricity interconnections
Energinet.dk’s electricity transmission grid is connected to the neighbouring areas in Norway, Sweden and Germany.
The Eastern Danish power system (Zealand) is synchronised with the Nordic power system, also called the Nordic synchronised area. The Western Danish power system (Jutland-Funen) is synchronised with the continental European system.

International connections from Eastern Denmark
The interconnection to Sweden consists of four AC connections (Alternate Current) – two 400 kV cable connections (one established in 1973 and the other in 1985) and two 132 kV cable connections (established in the period 1951-1964). Zealand has an export capacity of up to 1,700 MW to Sweden and an import capacity of up to 1,300 MW. The interconnection to Sweden is also a link to the Nordic grid.

The interconnection to Germany, Kontek, is a 400 kV DC connection (Direct Current) with a transmission capacity of 600 MW. The interconnection was established in 1995 in collaboration with the German company 50Hertz Transmission. Energinet.dk owns the Danish AC/DC converter station near Køge and the DC cable up to the German coastline.

International connections from Western Denmark
The interconnection to Sweden, Konti-Skan, consists of two 285 kV DC connections with a total transmission capacity of 740 MW. The export capacity from Jutland is 740 MW, and the import capacity is 680 MW. The two connections were established in 1965 and 1988. In 2006, substation equipment relating to the oldest interconnection was replaced, which increased the total transmission capacity to 740 MW from the earlier 630 MW.

The interconnection to Norway, Skagerrak, consists of three DC connections with a total transmission capacity of 1,000 MW. The first two interconnections of 250 kV and 250 MW each were established in 1976-1977, and the latest interconnection of 350 kV and 500 MW was established in 1992.

The interconnection to Germany consists of four AC connections. Two 400 kV connections which start from Kassø were established in 1978. Two 220 kV connections which start from Kassø and Ensted Power Station respectively were established in 1965 and 1961. In addition to the four AC connections, there is a further 150 kV connection starting from Ensted Power Station to the city of Flensburg. The total transmission capacity is determined by congestions in the surrounding grids and is normally 1,780 MW in southbound direction (export) and 1,500 MW in northbound direction (import).

Interconnection between Bornholm and Sweden
The interconnection between Bornholm and Sweden consists of a 60 kV sea cable, an AC connection with a thermal capacity of 60 MW.

Interconnection between Jutland-Funen and Zealand
The only interconnection between Jutland-Funen and Zealand is the Great Belt Power Link, a 400 kV DC connection with a transmission capacity of 600 MW.


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