EUR 99m from the EU to expand the Danish natural gas system
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Published on 21 October 2010 15.23
EUR 99m from the EU to expand the Danish natural gas system
The European Commission backs the expansion of the gas transmission network in Southern Jutland with EUR 99m.

The European Commission finds the expansion of the Danish natural gas system so important that it has decided to back the expansion of the gas transmission network in Southern Jutland with EUR 99m (about DKK 740m) from the EU Recovery Plan. The funding covers about half of the DKK 1.5bn investment.

The money will be divided between the planned looping of the natural gas network between Ellund near the border and Egtved and the construction of a compressor station at’s facilities in Egtved. The purpose of the compressor station is to increase the pressure in the gas pipelines to allow gas to be transported through the Danish gas system and further on to Sweden, which is supplied with natural gas from Denmark.

- We are very pleased that the European Commission has decided to back the project. The expansion of the gas transmission network to Germany is crucial to security of supply, says Peter Hodal,

It is the prospect of declining natural gas supply from the Danish part of the North Sea that is the immediate cause of the expansion of the gas transmission network on the 94-km section. Today, more than 300,000 Danish consumers, enterprises and power plants use natural gas, and Denmark will have to import gas within a few years.

Although it is the government’s goal that Denmark be independent of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas in the long term, it will take many years before Denmark can do without natural gas, which is the fossil fuel that emits less CO2 of the three fuel types.

- is dedicated to integrating ever greater amounts of renewable energy into the Danish energy system. The natural gas network will also play an important role in this respect for many more years. We are working on using 'green' gas, ie biogas, in the natural gas system. So very soon biogas can be transported in the natural gas network, says Peter Hodal.


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Facts about the EU Recovery Plan:

In its Recovery Plan, the EU has earmarked a total of EUR 3.98bn for infrastructure for electricity, gas, offshore wind farms and carbon capture and storage.

The Recovery Plan finances ’intelligent investments’, ie financial support to boost the economy and employment through targeted investments in infrastructure of particular importance to the EU.

Two other Danish infrastructure projects have received – or are about to receive – funding from the EU Recovery Plan.

One project is the Cobra Cable, an electric cable between Denmark and Holland which can be the first step on the way to establishing an offshore power grid in the North Sea. collaborates with TenneT, Holland, on the project, and the European Commission backs the project with EUR 86.5m (about DKK 640m).

The other project is the construction of an offshore power grid at Kriegers Flak to be backed with EUR 150m (DKK 1.1bn). collaborates with 50Hertz Transmission in Germany on the application that is expected to be signed in the near future.