New market model
Last updated on 21. October 2015
New market model has teamed up with more than 20 energy companies, consumer organisations and government authorities, etc. to analyse current and future challenges, and to develop solutions to future-proof the electricity market.

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​Future-proofing the electricity market
Well-functioning markets, with strong competition and a high level of flexibility in terms of both supply and demand, are prerequisites for a socio-economically efficient transition of the Danish energy supply with a continued high level of security of supply. A new market model will help ensure this.
A new market model is to contribute to a healthy investment climate in the energy sector and encourage interaction and flexibility across the value chain.

Current market model - why is it challenged?
Since the liberalisation of the electricity market, the current market model has contributed to optimising the use of existing generation facilities and has ensured balance between consumption and generation. International market-based solutions across borders play an increasingly important role in ensuring a joint optimisation of energy resources at regional and, in the long term, European level.

In step with increasing amounts of renewable energy, the current business model is put under pressure, where especially conventional generators are challenged. This means a risk of insufficient capacity during future periods with limited renewable energy available, eg during periods without wind.

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​In the spring 2014, invited stakeholders from the electricity market to participate in the ‘Market Model 2.0’ project.

An advisory board comprising representatives from the electricity industry and government authorities was set up to define the framework for the project.

Several working groups have analysed the challenges on an ongoing basis, involving workshops on:
• The power stations’ business models and challenges
• Flexibility on the demand side
• Incentives for renewable energy in the spot markets
• International perspectives on challenges

The consultancies Quartz+Co and Copenhagen Economics have assisted with the work on the Market Model 2.0 project.

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​Presentations from seminar on future-proofing the electricity market (in Danish)

Phase 1 report

Final report



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