Tariffs and prices
Last updated on 30. October 2013
Tariffs and prices
Transmission tariffs in the Danish energy sector are regulated by the Act on Energinet.dk and are monitored by the Danish Energy Authority.

Energinet.dk's price list provides an overview of how the price of a specific service is calculated, ie the price list makes it possible to find the correct price for transportation of a certain volume of energy.

Energinet.dk's electricity tariffs are based on the underlying costs. The Act concerning Energinet.dk describes the necessary costs and necessary return on investment. Necessary costs are operating costs, depreciation, financial costs and administrative costs. The costs are distributed on the gas tariffs, electricity system tariff, electricity grid tariff and the PSO tariff.

Necessary return on investments contribute to the consolidation of Energinet.dk.

The Danish electricity tariffs are divided into system and grid tariffs. The system tariff covers costs in relation to security and quality of supply. The grid tariff for both consumers and producers covers costs relating to operation and maintenance of the main electricity grid (132/150 and 400 kV) and the international connections. The PSO tariff primarily covers subsidies for renewable energy and local CHP units as well as research funds and the administration of such funds.



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