Energy research in general
Last updated on 26. April 2016
Energy research in general
As the transmission system operator, is obliged to ensure R&D to the benefit of the society and the development of the Danish energy systems. operates with research and development in many areas. It all aims at developing the Danish energy systems, primarily the gas and electricity systems, and at ensuring that the Danish society may benefit from world-class energy research. collaborates with other Danish energy research programmes and research institutions in Denmark and other countries. The activities also include the development of the electricity and gas markets.

Funding for external projects offers financial support to external energy research through the ForskEL and ForskVE-programmes, both of which are financed through PSO paid for by all electricity consumers with around DKK 0.05/kWh. The purpose of both programmes is to promote the development of environmentally friendly power generation technologies so as to facilitate the transfer to a society based on renewables.

Our own research activities has its own energy research activities as well. In the gas area it is the ForskNG programme and activities performed by the Danish Gas Technology Centre. These activities aim at promoting the development of new environmentally friendly gases and limiting the environmental impact of using natural gas.

In the electricity area activities centre around the ForskIN programme, under which launches research and development activities, large and small, for the purpose of developing the Danish power system. The activities are undertaken in collaboration with external parties and research institutions. The Cell Project is one example of a major project, the purpose of which is to develop tomorrow's automatic control concept for a power system with a renewable energy share in excess of 50%. Another example is the Cable Action Plan, which deals with the undergrounding of the major part of the AC transmission grid over a 20-year span.

International research also participates in energy research collaboration projects in Europe and the rest of the world. The objective is to gain access to world-class research and to use Danish funds to conduct large projects in cooperation with other countries. This collaboration takes place in organisations such as ENTSO-E, the EU, ERA-NET, the IEA and Nordic Energy Research but may also take the form of bilateral cooperation with research institutions.

According to the Danish Act on, the Danish Electricity Supply Act and the Danish Gas Supply Act, is obliged to develop the energy systems.


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