International cooperation
Last updated on 26. March 2012
International cooperation cooperates with international players to strengthen Danish energy research and obtain the best results for the benefit of the Danish power system. collaborates with the best specialists in other countries to best develop the Danish power system and to increase the quality of Danish energy research. The collaboration takes place at several levels:

  • The ForskEL programme collaborates through European ERA-Nets on the joint call for research projects. This makes it possible for Danish businesses and research institutions to meet with other European specialists, thus increasing the knowledge level. In addition, a small Danish budget can be used to buy access to large joint European projects. The ForskEL programme supports Danish players wanting to collaborate on specific projects with world-class competencies in other countries as long as the results can be used in Denmark and thus benefit Danish electricity consumers.
  • As a member of the TSO organisation ENTSO-E, collaborates with other countries on joint R&D-activities and direct with the European Commission on the implementation of major European power system development tasks.
  • also participates in a number of European collaboration projects, eg Cigré, IEC, Cenelec and EVCOM, on issues such as development and standardisation. also participates in various international collaborations such as the IEA, the IEEE, etc.
  • is an active participant in various ongoing European R&D-projects supported by EU FP6 and FP7 Energy, SAFEWIND, TWENTIES, EcoGrid EU, More Micro Grids, EWIS, RELIANCE, for example.
  • At Nordic level, collaborates with Nordic Energy Research and is active in the Nordisk Topforsknings-programme.
  • also collaborates direct with universities and research institution in other countries on specific tasks in relation to the Danish power system.


European Research Area Network
Transmission System Operator (ansvarlig for transmissionssystemet)
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