Issues of current importance
Last updated on 10. December 2014
Issues of current importance
A greener gas system, security of supply amid the crisis in Ukraine, and the potential of shale gas. These were some of the themes at this year's international gas conference, which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

750 gas professionals from all over the world shared new knowledge in Copenhagen
There was everything from Danish natural gas-based micro-CHP plants and Japanese fuel cell which have gained ground since the Fukushima nuclear accident, to Turkish calibration methods and new ways to detect odorant and thus gas leaks.

International Gas Union Research Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2014. Photo: Anne Maarbjerg Rasmussen.

17-19 September 2014, Tivoli Congress Center was filled with 750 gas professionals from 45 different countries. Danish Gas Association hosted the International Gas Research Conference 2014 - the conference is one of the most important and most prestigious within the gas area.

800 abstracts with new knowledge, investigations and technologies had been submitted to the conference in advance, and 403 had been selected to be presented from podium, on the stage, in workshops or in poster sessions. Here, participants walk around between the many stands and seek out the new technology or the new apparatus they were interested in knowing more about.

Successful conference both professionally and organisationally
When some hectic days with both professional input and discussions over dinner plates was over, the organisers could look back on a successful conference.

"Everything went without a hitch, so I am pleased," says Peter Hodal, chairman of the Danish Gas Association and Director at's gas department.

But I am particularly pleased that so many people from so many countries can meet and ex-change experience and enrich each other. Such a conference shows that even though we are all working with the same gas molecules, there are many ways to do it, and the different com-panies and different countries have chosen very different roads, and are at very different places," he says.

Peter Hodal, Chairman of the Danish Gas Association, Director in’s gasunit receives a diploma for hosting IGRC 2014 and a diploma for the chairmanship of the Danish National Organising Committee. Both diplomas are awarded by Torstein Indrebø, Secretary General of the International Gas Union. Photo: Anne Maarbjerg Rasmussen.

Natural gas will replace coal
Some countries are about to introduce natural gas, because it is much more CO2-friendly than the coal, they are used to burn. Other countries are beginning to replace natural gas with green gas.

Some focus on central production, others on decentral micro units in each and every household – and all are looking excited towards the US, where shale gas has created an energy revolution. What will it mean to energy prices, to exports of liquefied gas to the rest of the world, to findings elsewhere in the world, to the climate and the environment?

But regardless of position and standpoint, the Vice President of the International Gas Association, IGU, the American David Caroll, concluded that gas has a great future:

“We have seen the future” and it is us, he said from the stage of completion. Peter Hodal agrees.

On global level, natural gas is in growth in many areas. In Denmark we are in a slightly other position. We are in a transition phase. The quantities of gas from North Sea falls, and we are beginning to import more from abroad, concurrently we are on our way toward a fossil-free energy system, and are about to begin to use more green gasses.

But even if the total volume of gas falls in Denmark, gas will be an important part of the future - both because it is more CO2-friendly than oil and coal, and because gas is important on the way towards a green energy system - gas can be stored and deliver the necessary amount of energy in the hours and days where wind turbines stand still," he says.

The next big international gas conference is the World Gas Conference in Paris in June 2015, which completes the three-year French presidency for IGU, after which the Americans take over.

The subjects on this year's international conferences reflect the political agenda and this year's current themes in Gas in Denmark 2015, which are: Security of gas supply in a European perspective, the road to a greener gas system, 10 year with the gas retail market, and shale gas in Denmark.



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