What happens in 2014-2015?
Last updated on 10. December 2014
What happens in 2014-2015?
The expansion of the infrastructure connection from Denmark to Germany in 2013 is supplemented by the first stage of the expansion in Germany, thereby supporting the high level of security of supply in Denmark.

As the physical capacity between Denmark and Germany is increased, the Danish gas market is also closer integrated with the northwestern European gas market. The expansion of the natural-gas network helps increase capacity, enabling Denmark to import natural gas, when the production of natural gas in the Danish part of the North Sea starts to decline.

Stage 1 of the German expansion will be completed at the end of 2014, increasing capacity from Germany. Stage 2 will be completed at the end of 2015.

This coming winter and supplies through Ukraine
In the coming winter it is estimated that consumers in case of interruption of the Russian supply can be supplied for minimum five month, and most likely all consumers can be supplies through the whole winter.
- The Ukrainian crisis has not yet affected the supply of natural gas to EU Member States, Director Jeppe Danø explains.

- We are on our way into a winter, which has started mildly with high levels of gas in the storage facilities, Denmark is therefore not so vulnerable to a period of interruption in Russian gas supply to EU. 

Jeppe Danø, Director, Gas Market, at Energinet.dk. Photo: Steven Hofman.

Growth at biogas plants
In 2014, liquid manure-based biogas from plants in North Jutland and near Horsens was upgraded to natural-gas quality and injected into the natural-gas network. Around 10 projects involving biogas upgrading are being matured and can within the next couple of years be connected to the Danish distribution and transmission network.

The vast majority are connected to the distribution network and used locally, but a lot of bio-natural gas will end up in the transmission network through a direct connection or via compression from the distribution network. At the moment, it is estimated that about 60 million Nm³ of bio-natural gas will be injected into the transmission network, but this depends on a few large projects and is therefore subject to greater uncertainty.



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