Intact gas supplies during Tyra renovation
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Published on 29 March 2017 13.51
Intact gas supplies during Tyra renovation
The offshore gas platform Tyra in the North Sea is to be renovated and not shut down completely. The renovation will start 14 months later than previously assumed.

Danish gas supplies from the North Sea will be heavily reduced from 1 December 2019 to 1 March 2022.This is now clear after the companies operating in the North Sea and a majority in the Danish Parliament reached an agreement on Wednesday 22 March on an overhaul of the Tyra facilities in the North Sea.

One of DUC’s (Dansk Undergrunds Consortium) partners – Mærsk – has notified the gas market that the agreement entails renovation of the Tyra complex, and that the shutdown of production during the renovation will take place in the period 1 December 2019 to 1 March 2022.

"A period with significant constraints in gas supplies from the North Sea obviously makes Danish supplies more vulnerable. But postponing the time of the shutdown by 14 months from October 2018 to December 2019, as announced by the DUC parties, is good news,” says Christian Meiniche, Head of System Operation at Energinet.

The supply situation is better compared with Energinet’s previous analyses, which were based on a shutdown already from October 2018 until 2021. This is due to lower expected gas consumption in Denmark and Sweden in the most recently announced period. 

Gas consumption is expected to fall slightly from 2018, for which reason the supply situation even without gas from the Tyra is still looking good during the renovation.

The primary source of supply during the renovation period will be gas from Germany combined with the Danish gas storage facilities. There will thus still be sufficient capacity in the gas system to supply the Danish and Swedish gas markets. Energinet will carry out regular analyses of the supply situation and the status at the gas storage facilities to prevent a raised crisis level, and will cooperate closely with stakeholders to ensure the best possible utilisation of the capacity available during the renovation period.
“The connection to Germany means that we currently have the highest level of security of supply ever, with gas supplies from both the North Sea and from Germany. The gas storage facilities are also supplying the Danish and Swedish consumers, and when the facilities are filled, they can accommodate almost 1 billion m3 of gas, corresponding to approximately 30% of the annual consumption in Denmark and Sweden. The gas storage facilities are used by the market participants to supplement supplies on cold winter days and as emergency supply reserves in the event of large and critical supply interruptions,” explains Christian Meiniche and points out that Energinet can continue to support a high level of security of supply when the Tyra field shuts down its gas supplies for a period of time.


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