Future challenges facing gas
Last updated on 8. September 2015
Future challenges facing gas
With the expansion towards Germany, gas supplies to Denmark are secured beyond 2020.

Gas consumption and supplies 2015-2050
Natural-gas supplies from the North Sea have declined in recent years, but production is expected to increase marginal again in 2017 and some years ahead. The gas comes from new fields, while supplies from existing fields are dwindling.

Combined with supplies from the North Sea, the ongoing expansion in Germany, which is expected to be completed at year-end 2015, will secure the natural-gas supply to Denmark and Sweden until 2020 as sufficient import capacity will be established to cover the expected demand.

After 2020, the expected gas demand in Denmark will be covered by supplies from the North Sea, the increased import capacity and gases based on renewable energy, which are expected to play a bigger role in the future supply situation.

Gas supply situation 2015-2017
The supply situation is expected to improve significantly in 2015 on the outlook for 2013/2014. However, the recent years were better than expected due to the mild winter and increased flow from the North Sea to Denmark. Energinet.dk expects that the existing improved options for physical supplies from Germany combined with supplies from the Danish storage facilities will be adequate to supply Denmark and Sweden.

Transport tariffs have fallen over the past five years. In the long term tariffs are expected to increase compared to the level in 2014, mainly as a result of an expected decline in the gas volumes transported.



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