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Last updated on 3. April 2014
Biogas is a renewable energy which supersedes fossil fuels and causes a number of advantages for environment and climate. Biogas is about to gain increased support and enter the gas market.

Biogas is produced based on biomass, in Denmark primarily liquid manure and organic waste. Besides renewable energy, the production of biogas results in a number of positive effects for environment and climate. Therefore, there is an objective of an ambitious expansion of the biogas production in Denmark.

Increased support for biogas
With the energy agreement of 12 March 2012, a new support model as well as new subsidiary schemes for production and use of biogas were adopted. must administer the new subsidiary schemes.

Biogas in the gas system - connection and market access
One objective in the latest energy agreement is the deployment of biogas for other areas than production of CHP. Therefore, has developed a market model, which facilitates feeding, distributing and selling biogas in the gas system.

Gas certificates
A scheme for gas certificates facilitates eg a consumer in Copenhagen to buy biogas which is physically produced and distributed in western Jutland.

Biogas reports has prepared a number of reports and fact sheets in Danish, which describe among other things key parameters for the biogas production, different applications and potentials for biogas as well as analyses of operating and socio-economics in the biogas production.


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