Career and development
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Last updated on 8. March 2016
Career and development
At, we view career as more than promotion. A career is about creating development in your job that harmonises with your situation, your desires and the needs of the company.
Development is a core value at Among other things, our values state that:

• We will work towards ensuring common objectives (both the department’s and the company’s)
• We will develop ourselves professionally and personally
• We will set ambitious goals and follow up on our results
• We will provide and receive feedback
By holding regular performance reviews, we take’s values literally by creating a space in which the manager and employee can assess performance-specific parameters, behaviour and future challenges. We make high demands on your performance and behaviour. We are also committed to challenging you and supporting your development potential. We make sure that you are equipped with the right skills and training so that you can always give of your best.


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