Magnetic Fields
Last updated on 1. May 2013
Magnetic Fields
In modern society, electricity is an important element of daily life. Where there is electric current, there are also magnetic fields. This goes for power lines, cables and the electrical appliances we use in everyday life.

This section gives an introduction to magnetic fields; where they are, how to measure them, etc. You can also find information about the latest research within this particular field and read more about national and international authorities' evaluations of magnetic fields and exposure limits.

Since the 1970s, the question whether magnetic fields could be the source of disease has been the subject of much research. Much new knowledge has been gained, but there are still questions that researchers cannot answer definitively. All the knowledge gained by research cannot be disseminated on these webpages, but they will hopefully be of help if you require additional information about this topic.


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Click on the illustration and read the booklet "Magnetic Fields", published by the Danish Magnetic Fields Committee in 2008.


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