Environmental impact statements
Last updated on 9. October 2014
Environmental impact statements
Producing and transporting electricity, heat and gas to the consumer, gives rise to severeal environmental impacts. These pages describe those impacts.

In the subpages to this page you can read more about the environmental impacts from the production and transportation of electricity. The impact statements and labels have different deadlines and are updated on different dates.

More subpages to this page are only available in Danish. The English version only contains information about electricity labeling and you will have to switch to the Danish version to view other labels.

Electricity labels
This page is directed at electricity suppliers and contains information about labeling of electricity.

Environmental impact statement for electricity
Here you can find more detailed information about the Environmental impact statement, including other methods for dividing emissions between electricity and heat production. Also available are informations about fuel compositions and residual products, and you can find impact statements with and without losses in the grid.


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