Energinet.dk launches new website
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Published on 3 February 2017 13.31
Energinet.dk launches new website
This spring, we invite you to experience Energinet.dk’s brand new website, designed with easy tab and touch access to everything you need to know, when you need it.

The future is green! A strong vision that we believe in, and one we at Ener-ginet.dk would like our organisation to reflect. Similarly, at Energinet.dk we aspire to set the industry standard for customer and user service and work to improve how we fulfil the needs of stakeholders in a market sector that is rapidly changing. To achieve this goal we will soon be launching our top-to-bottom re-designed website. This event will also introduce a completely new look that features a bright colour palette and a new logo.

We created the design for our new website guided by the specific information and service needs of Energinet.dk’s customer and user groups, which we surveyed prior to starting the website development process.

As a result, when you visit our new website you will be able to access the information or services you use the most more easily. We also continue to work on making sure that you have quick and easy access to all the functions you need – whether you are looking for information, data, reports and analyses or want to log-on to our self-service portal or any of our other service features.

You will get direct access on your tablet and smart phone
Many of our users may also notice that at its core our new website is based on a “responsive design” format. Among many advantages, this means that you will be able to see all the data on our new website directly on your tablet and smart phone. 

As one of the steps in our transition from the current Energinet.dk website to our new website, the webpage address of our web-based services will change. For a limited time period, links to Energinet.dk’s current web-based services will redirect to our new website. We will also post a list with all the new addresses for our most popular web services – so make sure to check this page for future updates.
We will launch the new website, look and logo this spring.


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