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Last updated on 17. November 2016
About this website

General about www.energinet.dk

Energinet.dk's website, www.energinet.dk, is one of our most important channels for communicating with our stakeholders, and it is therefore our ambition to create one of the best websites in the energy industry.

We aim for our website to contain relevant, current and understandable information for all our target groups. The website is also to help promote openness and dialogue and to make it easier for citizens, enterprises, associations and organisations to participate in decision-making processes.

Find what you are looking for
www.energinet.dk is structured into Energinet.dk's main areas of competence::

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Climate and environment
  • Research
  • Jobs
  • Om os

Our two main areas of competence - electricity and gas - are highlighted with each their own colour (red and yellow) setting them apart from the other areas of competence. These colours are used consistently on our website, for example under news and in search results. This ensures that users always know where they are on the website..

Good web communication
Communicating at the same level as our users in clear, unequivocal language suitable for the internet medium is a priority to Energinet.dk. Therefore we continuously ensure that our local web editors have the necessary skills for good web communication, and we have prepared various guidelines to support their work.

The individual departments of Energinet.dk are responsible for the website content. If you have any specific technical questions, please direct them to the contact persons listed on the various pages.

Corporate Communications is overall responsible for Energinet.dk's website. We always strive to develop and improve the website. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements, or if you encounter any technical problems on our website, please contact us at webgruppen@energinet.dk.

Screen resolution
The website is optimised for 1024 x 768 px or higher.

The website is optimised for the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 (download it free of charge here)
  • Firefox (download it free of charge here)
  • Safari (download it free of charge here)
  • Chrome (download it free of charge here)

Other useful programs
It is necessary to install various programmes on the computer in order to see some of the website content. For example:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is used for viewing PDF files. You can download it free of charge here.
  • Adobe Flash Player, which is used for showing videos, maps and other anima-tions. You can download it free of charge here.

Energinet.dk webservices
Should you wish to access information on natural gas and electricity production and consumption, you should use the webservices available from Energinet.dk. Click here to view the description and sample code for the InternetElWebService and InternetGasWebService.

Please note: By the end of 2016 the above mentioned webservices will be technically miograted. Before the actual migration, updated descriptions are available for download below.

Have the page read to you?
If you need to have the page read to you, you can find and install a small program from the website of the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency: www.adgangforalle.dk 


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