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Last updated on 20. February 2015
At, we believe that cooperation is the key to the energy solutions of the future. Therefore, we continuously invite partners to dialogue.
Denmark's ambitious objective of transforming our energy supply to renewable energy sources imposes requirements of new energy solutions and integration across the energy systems.
At, we believe that we can achieve the best and most robust solutions, if we strengthen the cooperation. This is why we focus our efforts to strengthen cooperation across energy companies and non-governmental organisations, both nationally and internationally.
Cooperation model continuously invites interested parties to participate in designing the energy system of the future. The cooperation takes place in a number of formal and informal forums which, with different form and purpose set the framework for dialogue and involvement. is in daily contact with a wide range of stakeholders, both professional players in the energy industry and small non-governmental organisations, which in different ways contribute with important knowledge and useful input.
The purpose of our cooperation model is to provide an overview of the different cooperation fora, where partners are given the opportunity to gain insight into's work and enter into dialogue.
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Consultation model
It is's responsibility to determine the overall technical and market framework for the electricity and gas systems in Denmark, the so-called market regulations, technical regulations as well as 'Rules for Gas Transport'.
As stakeholder, you get the opportunity to put forward valuable input, when we continuously revise these regulations.
The consultation model describes the phases where your input will create most value, and which kind of input are requested for the different parts of the process. We invite both for the initial stakeholder meetings, working groups and to consultations of the new regulations.
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