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Last updated on 7. December 2016
Energinet.dk Energy Consultancy
Energinet.dk Energy Consultancy (EEC) provides consultancy services world wide. In the following you will find brief descriptions of a number of our consultancy projects.
Grid Code Review and Enhancement, South Africa, 2015-
Review and revision of the South African Grid Code. The objective is to enhance the generation connection conditions in accordance with issues and gabs identified during the development of the Renewables Code and the Coal IPPPP.

Client: IPP Office, South Africa.
Coordinated Operating Mechanisms, Hami, China, 2015-
Development of coordinated operating mechanisms for Hami Energy Base with planned 8,000 MW wind power; 1,250MW PV; 6,600 MW coal fired power plants  and 8,000 MW HVDC links.

Client: World Bank, Partners: CREEI, China and Ea Energy Analysis
System Adequacy and Reserve Margins, South Africa, 2015-
Analysis of and advice on System Adequacy and Reserve Margins in the South African Electricity System with increasing levels of renewables.

Client: SANEDI, South Africa, Partner: EA Energy Analysis

Partnership Energinet.dk – CENACE, Mexico, 2015-17
The Governments of Mexico and Denmark cooperate on low carbon transition with a focus on climate change mitigation and energy sector. In the renewable energy component a partnership between Energinet.dk and the Mexican system operator CENACE has been established for transfer of Danish experiences on market based integration of variable renewable energy (VRE). The cooperation includes the following main elements:

• Technical grid codes
• Transmission planning
• Planning aspects of HVDC
• Forecasting of VRE
• Market based system operation with VRE
• Operational flexibility
• Operational aspects of HVDC

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark

Wind Power and Grid Planning, CNREC, China, 2013-
Transfer of Danish knowledge and experiences on integration of wind power and development and operation of electricity systems and markets. Deliverables include workshops, seminars and reports.

Client: Danish Energy Agency

Capacity building KETRACO, Kenya, 2015
Capacity building for Kenya Transmission Company to prepare for the construction and commissioning of a new HVDC interconnector to Ethiopia. Deliverables were 2 week training sessions on each of the following issues:

• System operation
• Market design and operation
• HVDC technology
• Project management

Client: KETRACO, Kenya

Practitioners Guide to Integration of VRE, IRENA, 2014
The assignment included preparing a report to be used by IRENA and other parties as a general practitioner’s guide to integration of renewable energy in the electricity system. The report is primarily directed at countries with ambitions on implementation of more sustainable energy in their electricity systems

Client: IRENA

Wind Heat Project, Shanxi, China, 2013-14
Development of optimal strategies for the operation of a local energy system consisting of a 400 MW wind farm, a district heating system and the electricity system.

Client: CNREC, Beijing. Partners: CREEI, Beijing and Ea Energy Analysis

Eastern Africa Power Pool Twinning Project, 2013-14
Enhanced implementation and operationalization of Eastern Africa Power Pool  Coordination Center and Independent  Regulatory Board Program
The project included the following components:

• Strengthening of EAPP’s master planning capability and updating of the Regional Master Plan
• Update of EAPP market road map and enhance EAPP’s market design and operation capability
• Enhance EAPP’s interconnected system operation coordination capability

Client: Eastern Africa Power Pool. Partner: EA Energy Analysis

Integration of Wind Power, Uruguay, 2012-13
Integration of Wind Power in Uruguay. Uruguay has launched an ambitious plan to increase the share of renewable power generation. The goal is to have 1,000 MW wind power in the system by 2015 and aims to reach a wind power capacity of 1,680 MW in 2028. EEC advised the Uruguayan Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mining on how to prepare the electricity system for efficient integration of the wind power with respect to grid planning and operational procedures and tools. Reports and workshops

Client: Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, Uruguay

Pricing Mechanisms for RES,  Dubai, 2011-12
The project included three distinct tasks: Technical standards, integration of distributed generation and pricing mechanisms for RES. EEC was responsible for the task on pricing mechanisms. The main objective of this task was to develop and recommend a pricing mechanism to support the plans for RES development in Dubai and estimate the budgetary consequences.

Client: DEWA, Dubai. Partners: Tractebel Engineering SA and  Elia, BE

Operational tools and procedures, Sri Lanka, 2011
Study and advice on operational tools, equipment and procedures
to prepare for wind power integration and improve system operation. Prepare technical specifications for new tools, recommend changes to procedures, review of grid codes for wind power and estimate system integration costs.

Client: Ceylon Electricity Board. Partner: Grontmij

​Training of staff, Eskom, South Africa, 2011-12
Training of the Eskom Grid Integration team in connection and operation of renewable generation as well as analysis of infrastructure impact from renewable integration and related aspects. Training and coaching sessions in Denmark and South Africa

Client: ESKOM, South Africa
Wind Power Prediction, China, 2011-12
Technical advice on set-up of wind power prediction system for China based on Danish experiences. Deliverables were report, workshop in Beijing and training session in Denmark

Client: China International Centre for Economic and Trade
Development Grid Codes, South Africa, 2011-12
Training and support on development of technical connection code for renewables. The support included a generic template, review of drafts and handling of comments from public hearings.

Client: University of Cape Town (ESKOM Corporate R&D)

Training of staff for Eastern Africa Power Pool, 2010-11
Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP), is in the process of building competences to coordinate the interaction between national power systems to improve security of supply and obtain affordable power to facilitate economic growth. The project provided training for 96 professionals from the EAPP secretariat and member organisations in planning, operation, markets and regulation to prepare for the creation of an efficient cross border trade. The training consisted of three training sessions of 30 days respectively in Denmark, Egypt and Kenya during.

Client: Eastern Africa Power Pool, Partner: Ea Energy Analysis

Assistance to the National Energy Regulator, South Africa, 2010-11
Advise to NERSA on planning methodologies and tools for the power sector, integration of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and licensing procedures for power generators. Regulation of independent transmission operators and development of grid codes.

Client: NERSA, South Africa, Partner: Ea Energy Analysis

Wind Integration Research Programme in China, 2010-11
The project assisted the State Grid Energy Research Institute (SGERI) in a wind power integration research programme. The project provided transfer of international experience, training in planning methods and energy market modelling as well as identifying technical, institutional and regulatory barriers and solutions for efficient wind power integration in China.

Client: Vestas Wind Systems A/S.  Partner: Energy Analysis



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​Due to the special competences gained as the TSO in Denmark, Energinet.dk has experienced an increased international demand for the advice and consulting services from Energinet.dk. To meet these demands, Energinet.dk established the fully-owned commercial subsidiary 'Energinet.dk Energy Consultancy A/S'.

Energinet.dk Energy Consultancy A/S is manned by highly skilled employees from Energinet.dk and offers international consultancy services within the core competences of Energinet.dk. Few companies in the energy sector are able to offer the same world-class expertise gained from the pioneering work on developing and operating the unique Danish energy system.

About Energinet.dk Energy Consultancy A/S

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